Wednesday, January 11, 2012

short stroy

9876 ad, Long time ago, in an abandon barn there was guy name ken he was fail in life. He is a lawyer. But a long time back He was locked up for penny theft. It was the last of his career. He moved out to the old hills of taxes. He found an old burn. He was going to fix it up. Then they came, the zombies. They just came out of no we're. Then ken thinking on his feet he ran as fast as possible. Somehow he stumbled across a shotgun with two bullets. He amid with the gun and he fired it and nothing came out. He pump it aging and he pulls the trigger and noting he pumps it he picks up the shells and they were all ready been fired. So ken decides to go take the gun and start hitting the zombies. He takes the plat like a baseball player he swings hits the zombie and the gun shatters in to a bunch of prices. He looks down and back up the back down and says f#%* my life and runs. He does not stop. He looks back to find over 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 zombies following him. Then he looks in front of him and sees many more. So he says blast off. His shoes turn into rockets and blast off in to space, leaving a lot of burning zombies behind. He is half way to space. And out of no we're there are nuclear rockets coming at him. So hits the turbo speed and gets away. To find out they were going to blow up Russia not him. He makes his way back into space to find that there is UFO’s beaming rays of light to the earth. Ken goes to Investigate he gets so close and bam it hits him getting sucked in side. He is going so fast in when gets inside he slams against the walls. He looks around to see little ompa lompas all over the place with their pockets full of chocolate. They are grabbing him telling him to go to their captain. He finds a way to the captain but not before he sees people like him in big test tubs with hoses stuck to their heads. He makes it to the captain to find it Willie Wonka. He says one thing to ken do you know my chocolate. Ken replies yes. Willie goes do you won't to know the secret recipe. Ken says yes who doesn't Willie goes to say in a creepy voice you," hahahahahahahaha!" he said. Ken goes nooooooooooooo. Willie is laughing like a wired person. Ken starts to run somehow he hits a button and opens a door to space. He jumps out turns on his blaster rocket shoes. He turns to see the UFO to be flying in to the moon hitting it and exploding with chocolate flying everywhere. Ken looks to go see we're he is flying and he hits the side of anther UFO he climes inside to fined millions of willies Wonka people. He thinks and said I have an idea. Looking around to find a person a live he snaps his neck takes the brain out runs to go see the willies. He throws the brain in a room all of them goes chasing it when they get inside the room he hits a butter the closes the door he hits it closes he looks again to fine it to say trash compare. So she finds the button to compact hits it to his eyes he sees the getting cursed with the chocolate coming out of them. Ken says to himself I guess they were made out chocolate. Ken runs to the cockpit find the steering wheel. He takes the ship and it is full of surprises. He looks over and sees a bunch of buttons like everyone he wonder what they do. So he pushes the blue button and fire comes out the front. He pushes the pink button and lots of laser beams come out the front he looks around and sees a big button with glass over it he opens he pushes it and all hear is screams. He thinks it is the scream button. He looks again to find a switch he flicks it all he hears is beep, beep 10sec to complaint inhalation. He say why me why me. He runs to the door kicks it open and he sees floating chocolate heads of willies the entire place. Beep; beep 5 sec to total inhalation. He jumps to his worst nightmare he gets hit in the head with a Willie he is now floating in space. He comes along to a rocket not knowing it is an abandoned man driving nuke he hopes and goes well this dusty. He finds the blast away button to go fly. He said how this can get any worse. He sees it says bye it's nuke time. I wish it will end now he starts fly to the moon and see there a lot of these nukes. He think it must be those nukes going to Russia he you know what this is bad as it get I'm going to blow Russia. He starts to fly to Russia. Why bye he fly’s down to Russia Hits the ground noting happen. He pushes a button and boom he is dead. Then his sole stats floating away. As he starts to float up he hits a cloud. He got stuck. He sees that he still has the rocket shoes he screams blast off and noting, he reambers that he’s dead they don’t work. He forgot they have ran out of juice.

Monday, November 28, 2011

speak move 4

 really soprised that they said this to her after she got raped. her friend was saying not so funny words about it. her it did you get pregnant did he have a disease oh my god are you ok. from pg184. i can see that running thew some ones mind wehnt they say they get raped.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

speak statment

Well after I read the book it now makes sense. Parents still don’t care in the book but in my life they do. In the book they don’t really mind her, and it is going to be a bad Christmas without them. But I thought about how parents don’t care because they just don’t know how to care for our problems. They try to but they just can’t. They can if they really want to. Now after I read this story I don’t know what to believe any more.  Do they care about her or not?
My parents love me, I’m not saying her parents don’t care, but still I don’t know what to believe. She has not had the best life and her parents don’t really mind what’s going on in her life. In my life my parents do care, my dad will do anything for me to a point. I think it’s because he loves me because I’m his son.  I wish I had more to say about this book but I don’t think it’s the best story to read for high school because I have any of these problems. . Maybe someday I will, but I haven’t had any one with these problems yet.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speak move 3

I am doing the diction. And I'm doing the frase lunch doom. I know what it means when I read more about it. But when I first read it and I was like what does it mean. But I thought about and it clike like that she always has bad lunches and I read more and I was right about it. It was about her bad lunch.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

speak moves 2

  she said that Mr. freeman said his room is a cool center. I don't know why she said the i am confused. i think i know what it meant that his room is cold. i wish they ex plane more so i could understand better. i dont think this is the most on port in but i still want to know. And now after i read it more it didnt mean cold it ment his room was the best room to be in the school, other rooms i.n the school

Monday, November 14, 2011

speak moves

I just read how they get columbus day off. South Hadley gets it off. The only difference is that she goes to her friends house. I always stay home and play my Xbox 360  all day and night.  But we all go back to school the next day

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I hate it when parents try to talk you though something and they don’t know what’s happening. You tell them things they liston to the facts not your feelings. Like my dad I told him about something in school that happened he tried his best to understand but he never did and I think he will ever understand. Kids parents know when to bring stuff to the head mocho of the school. They can deal with it but. The damage can never be fixed with hugs and stuff never.

Kids go right past these things by the next day or something like that. But when you get home your parents know you to well and they can tell when something is wrong. Even when you tell them everything is okay. If the parents were in there the teenagers shoes I still don’t think they will still know what’s happening.

I think our parents went though the same stuff that we are going thought now when they were kids but still there problems happened then ours are now. And then you get some parents they just don’t care